Gutenburg – the Outbound Odyssey Continues

I still have and keep updated the Guttened version of WeirdPress. I don’t actually use it anymore except on one site where I keep the Events Calendar current. And each time I do that the weirdness follows like a crank-addled ghost.

If you visit the home page of this site you will see I discovered a technically acceptable but illiterate way to use the Quotes block. At least all the quotes are balanced but are single quotes rather than the preferred double quotes.

For calendaring on my production site I use The Events Calendar with The Events Calendar Pro plugin by Modern Tribes. A reliable failure which exists at every update of events is times and dates will mysteriously change. This is especially nasty when using repeating or multi-day events. It takes several iterations of edit/preview/publish to get the dates and times right for new events and I’m constantly reviewing existing events to ensure the times have not shifted. For reasons nobody is talking about, the multi-day feature will randomly add several days to an event. It also becomes terribly confused about events that span midnight even though I’ve selected 2:00am as close of day for events in the settings.

Another grand anoyance of the Events Calendar is after creating or editing an event and publishing it, I am asked if I am sure I want to leave the block editor page I’ve been working on, suggesting there is unsaved work there. There never is but it is still unnerving to wonder how much of a job it will be if it thinks there are still unsaved changes. It also produces alerts about the existance of a previous draft version. It is no wonder I’ve largely lost interest in this mess and long for a return to a Guten-free web experience.

The Dashboard Updates page tells me I’m up to date on everything which is sad because the WordPress Contact Forms by Cimatti plugin is still being reported by the Health check plugin as failing. If I disable the Cimatti plugin these warnings disappear.

REST API availability
The REST API request failed due to an error.
Error encountered: (0) cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received

Background updates
A plugin has prevented updates by disabling wp_version_check()

Loopback request
The loopback request to your site failed, this may prevent WP_Cron from working, along with theme and plugin editors.
Error encountered: (0) cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received

Installed Contact Form Plugin:

WordPress Contact Forms by Cimatti
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Quickly create and publish forms in your WordPress powered website.
Version 1.4.8 | By Cimatti Consulting | View detail

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