WordPress is fading fast

One of the criterion I use to know I’m working with a good team is the technical support. Recently I posted a follow-up question to the support forums to see how the documentation for the current version of WordPress was coming – there being very little at present. Here’s how that went.

This support volunteer has had two opportunities to provide useful and helpful responses but each time failed to do that simple thing. His final response was equivalent to “do it yourself”. We are not better off for his contribution. And if you missed it – his response was “do it yourself”.

I just have the feeling from this that they’ve stopped being responsive and helpful. I’m less inclined than ever to recommend WordPress to my customers and have actually suggested they consider the forked version that is continuing the non-block editor path.

My reason for posting this is that I’m quite certain they will delete my post because they’re getting just a little bit pissy about the negative reaction to the direction they’ve taken with WordPress.